StopACTA2 activists join the Anonymous Million Mask March of 2019

StopACTA2 asks you to join the Anonymous Million Mask March this November the 5th!

Early 2019 the harmful Copyright Directive that is ACTA2 was accepted by the European Union. There are a few things we can still do to fight back. Right now, one of these things is to make our voices heard.

And this is why many of us are going to join the Anonymous Million Mask March. Because it is our chance to let the people in power know that StopACTA2 is still here. By being present in ever major city all over Europe and the rest of the world, we can truly show them that we are not demotivated. We are more dedicated and stronger than ever.

Why now? It is not just our internet being attacked. Our press freedom is now under full attack as well. As we speak, journalist Julian Assange is in jail for exposing war crimes committed by the United States army in Iraq. His crime is that of being a publisher. All of this comes together with the attack against our internet.

The Anonymous Million Mask March, also called Operation Vendetta, is a yearly event that takes place worldwide. Anyone can join, to defend such things as human rights, free press, free speech and an uncensored internet. There are no real rules, except that it is a non violent march, without any political color. So keep your political party flags at home, put a mask up (any mask really) and march together through the streets.

A full list of events:

Anonymous Million Mask March 2019 event list

Also available in a handy Google map:

Anonymous Million Mask March Map

Many of our brothers and sisters will attend this march all over the world to defend a free and open internet. Please join us to speak out against ACTA2 once more. Together we are strong. We hope to meet you on the 5th of November.

It is not just the StopACTA2 movement that will join the Anonymous Million Mask March. The Free Assange movement is also participating all over the world. And in Paris it is already announced that the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) have organized their own march. It really shows how everyone is uniting against the destruction of our human rights online and offline.

More about the Anonymous Million Mask March: